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Baptismal Records of St. Francis Xavier Parish
Parkersburg, West Virginia

Access to sacramental records is affected by the passage of time. More recent records generally require greater restrictions on access than older records. As current events become historical events, the need for withholding them from use is reduced and in some cases may eventually disappear. Therefore broader access may be allowed to older records than to more recent ones.

This policy complies with recommendations of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, the Association of Catholic Diocesan Archivists, the pastor of St. Francis Xavier parish and Federal Census Guidelines.

The information contained in these records is an attempt to faithfully reproduce what was contained in the original entries. However it DOES NOT CERTIFY the accuracy of the information of the entry or the correct spelling of names. This information is provided “For Genealogical Purposes Only”. The transcription of these records was made by Roger Nedeff, a parish historian. The baptismal records recorded after June 2, 1901 are closed to the public.

Column T of the spreadsheet contains notations for the baptism record. The baptism records are cross-referenced. The letter codes are: CBR- County Birth Record CDR- County Death Record CMR- County Marriage Record CR- County Record OR- Original baptism record.

County records obtained through the West Virginia Dept. of History website:

Grave records obtained through

To find a particular record you have two options:

1. Press the Ctrl and F keys on your keyboard and search for a particular term or date.

2. On the database spreadsheet select View and then List. This will allow you sort by any information in the columns. To reset the spreadsheet just click the dropdown and select All. To return to the spreadsheet view just click the link "Go to Spreadsheet View".

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